You look F@#king Awesome!!

Why A Beach Bum Blazer?

Wear what you feel and feel what you wear!
Do You

We figure out who you are as an individual and design a jacket to accentuate it. Helping you do you!

Truly Unique

We make 100% custom blazers to ensure you look like the badass you are!


No longer are you bound to boring, regular, and soft colors or patterns. We want you to stand out from the crowd.


Wedding? Party? Company Employees? Team? We can make your group look impeccable, plus we offer bulk discounting!

Beach Bum Blazers

Changing lives one blazer at a time.
Welcome to the new you. Confident, Sexy, Awe-Inspiring.

No one will ever question your decision making again. You're in charge. It's the new era of fashion, there are no rules, its all about individualized and personal style. Crazy things happen when you wear our blazers. People will live vicariously through you. Sharks will have a week dedicated to you. Your business card will read "I'll call you." Roses will stop to smell you. You'll have to give your father "the talk." If opportunity knocks and your not home, opportunity will wait. In Rome they do as you do. You'll be the life of the party you never attended. You are welcome.

  • Wild

    % chance you came here to "F$@K Sh*t Up."

  • Spicy

    + rating on the Scoville Heat Scale

  • Unique

    % chance you'll match someone else

  • Efficient

    % of the time it works every time



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